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HOW TO: Setup Your First GP Company In GP 2010

Dynamics GP is built on a master database/child database structure, where you have a settings database and company databases.  When you install Dynamics, you are given the option to setup your company, or install at a later date.  Follow these steps below to create a new company at any point in time.

  1. Navigate to your Start Menu -> Microsoft Dynamics -> GP 2010 -> GP Utilities
    standard gp login screen
  2. Login as a System Administrator and select Create A Company as your option.  Press “Process”
    create a company option screen
  3. Enter your company specific details in the next screen, making sure to include the DB Name and Company name.
    company details entry screen
  4. Enter any specific SQL locations that you would like on the next screen.
    company gp specific data
  5. Press Finish and your company will be created.