Human Compilers

When you are talking code with someone who understands it, the language that you referring to almost becomes like a pact between you. All programmers have a way of talking and understanding the world that eventually molds to the languages that they know. In object oriented design, you may think of different objects in the world such as the classic animal example. Each person has their own methods and properties that make them objects in our world.

I recently posted my blog to my wife and she reviewed it with some of her friends. They all took one look at it and pretty much said “this is a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo” and wrote it off. This made me a little bit upset because of how involved I am with my work and .NET, so I decided to take a look at a starter .NET programming approach to get people involved with development. This is almost how I got into programming myself, and I thought to myself that this wouldn’t really help anybody unless they were truly interested in programming. I think that ultimately everyone is their own compiler (programming mumbo jumbo) and we all interpret the languages that we see differently. Ultimately the quest for compiling everyone’s individual interpretations into machine language isn’t possible, but hopefully someday the languages will evolve enough to easy enough for everyone’s interpretation.

Time for some coffee!

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