HOW TO: Setup Your First GP Company In GP 2010

Dynamics GP is built on a master database/child database structure, where you have a settings database and company databases.  When you install Dynamics, you are given the option to setup your company, or install at a later date.  Follow these steps below to create a new company at any point in time.

  1. Navigate to your Start Menu -> Microsoft Dynamics -> GP 2010 -> GP Utilities
    standard gp login screen
  2. Login as a System Administrator and select Create A Company as your option.  Press “Process”
    create a company option screen
  3. Enter your company specific details in the next screen, making sure to include the DB Name and Company name.
    company details entry screen
  4. Enter any specific SQL locations that you would like on the next screen.
    company gp specific data
  5. Press Finish and your company will be created.

At this point in the process the system will run through and create your databases for you.  This can be somewhat of a lengthy process but eventually you will come to the next screen which is for configuring your company.  You can choose to either configure later, setup the company with the configuration wizard or migrate existing data.  Let’s assume you will be setting up a new company with the wizard.  Follow these steps below to continue the process.

  1.  If you haven’t already done so, visit the installs and downloads section that is linked on this screen: .  Likely the option you will want to pick is the Rapid Tools for GP 2010 option.
  2. After your wizard is installed, press Next to proceed with setting up your company.  In the next screen you will be able to again choose migration options or setup based on standard industry options.  For this example let us choose to setup based on industry standard.
    company configuration choices
  3. The next screens will ask you to connect to your GP company SQL server.
    gp company sql selection
    gp company info selection
  4. Now re-select your predefined business type for creating your chart of accounts.
    gp organization type selection
  5. Enter your contact information for billing purposes.
    gp company contact information
  6. Enter your accounting specific information information.
    gp accounting screen 1
    gp accounting screen 2gp accounting screen 3gp accounting screen 4
  7. Enter your terms and shipping options.  If you choose to import or use a wizard the process will run through a process of updating tables.
  8. At this point the final routines will finish up and you should be able to jump in your company and start setting up some data!

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