Dot Net Framework in Windows 8?

Recently more and more people have been asking me about whether or not WinForms will be in Windows 8.  A more serious question has also been whether or not the Dot Net Framework will be in Windows 8, which would be a huge drawback if it were not.  The framework is far from over, as it is a foundation to how most developers write code for the Windows platform.  Whether or not you know you are using .NET albeit in WPF or through WinForms you are using DotNet.

That being said, Microsoft will likely not cancel their support for their own framework in the new operating system, but expand upon it to provide more useful functionality to developers.  Officially, Microsoft stopped supporting WinForms in Visual Studio 2005 and has not touched it since.  There have been random hot fixes but no new major development and more important no developer support.  Whether or not developers will be forced to move to WPF instead of WinForms to take advantage of the new functionality of Windows 8 is yet to been, but the dying support levels for WinForms should be reason enough to move.

As for any language barriers, just like with any coding language at some point it will die out and you will have to learn something new.  My advice to any developer or user of the Windows platform who is afraid of learning something new is to give up the fear.  We will all move forward and keep our jobs, and eventually be better for it because that is what we do as a society.  Happy coding!

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