HOW TO: Connect Windows Mobile Emulators

When you are writing a windows mobile application it is tough not to want to play with all the tools in the Windows Phone.  Being a personal fan of Android I find myself unfamiliar and want to know the environment I am supporting for clients (and I am a techie so it is easy to get lost in these things).  Recently I ran into an issue even accessing the internet on my mobile device and had to come up with steps to enable network access.  Here are some steps you can take to get mobile access on your device emulator:
1. In your Emulator window, navigate to File -> Configure
2. Enable the network adapter through the Network tab on the Emulator properties.
3. If you get an error message at this point about VPC drivers, follow this link to obtain them:  This is a free download around 30mb.
4. Start Windows Mobile Device Center from your Start Menu
5. Select Connection Settings and change the Allow connections option to DMA:
6. Start up your device emulator from Visual Studio. (Tools -> Device Emulator Manager)
7. Set your device into Cradled mode:
At this point you should be able to open up Internet Explorer and start browsing, or use any other feature that requires network activity.

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