What’s New In Microsoft Dynamics GP 12 / GP 2013?

Almost any accounting system on the market has one major issue with it, the human interaction.  Regardless of how automated each system becomes there will always have to be someone who looks at the data and makes changes based on what happens in the real world.  Being that the real world is now involved in your accounting system it is destined to have some kind of error that needs to be corrected.  With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 we should expect to see new advanced interaction with error handling and financial recovery.  Here are a few new features of Dynamics GP 2013 that will help keep your financial data secure:

  • Enhanced Reconciliation: At any given point in time there will likely be an account out of balance.  With the new reconciliation system we are going to see a filter based system to show us exactly what needs to be reviewed and when.  Easily setup conditions to review your GL, un-posted and posted batches and any other nitty gritty information that will flaw your perfect system.
  • Mass Fixed Asset Depreciation Reversal: Once your issues are identified it can be a nightmare to roll back your books to a specific point in time to correct it.  Mass Fixed Asset Depreciation Reversal is the process of rolling back your transactions to a point in time all at once instead of having to do it one by one.  In this transactional system your ability to control and correct errors is greatly increased.

Along with the enhanced data security, GP 12 is also moving towards more intuitive warehouse functionality.  Here are some highlights of processes that will be improved with the release of GP 2012:

  • Intuitive Serial/Lot Number Tracking: Drop ship items have always been a sore spot for entering tracking/serial numbers in GP.  When you drop ship an item and you are not tracking inventory you are guessing which item ships.  Seeing this as a flaw, Microsoft has corrected this and provides you the ability to enter what specific item shipped regardless of drop shipping or not.  Kudos, Microsoft!
  • Business Analyzer: A great addition to the already stellar dashboard is the Business Analyzer tool now available on the web!  This tool gives you access to business critical key performance indicators as well as offer you the ability to collaborate and take action all from one interface.

If you have any questions about GP 2013 or would like to talk about upgrades, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Integrated Systems Solutions for more information or call us direct at 714-634-4697 and mention this blog!

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