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Code presented in blog posts is provided as-is, without warranty without restriction I know of and licenced under the BSD license. You should ensure the legal and technical suitability of any code you acquire before integrating it into your own code-base.

Code and programs available from the Development section of the site are subject to their own individual copyrights and licences.


Site content is Copyright © Mike Calvert. All rights are reserved. If you want to quote more than a fair-use extract just get in touch – just to avoid duplicate content on the web and hurts search ranking.

Responsible disclosure

I feel the opinions and views I express here are truly my own however it is only responsible to disclose payments or gifts in kind that could be construed to have influenced such views.

Integrated Systems Solutions

I have been a Senior Software Developer and Architect at Integrated Systems Solutions since March 2008. I have not written about Integrated Systems Solutions or any articles relating to my employment here.

Everything else

I have received a number of free gift offers which normally come with the suggestion a review would be a nice idea. In all other cases than those described above I either did not accept, did not use or did not review/recommend them.

Mike Calvert

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